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A book full of her truths and inspires living your best life. Corrie is a gifted healer and she has poured her heart and personal healing journey into this book. It is a gift to us from her soul. It is meant to help you find YOUR journey to healing and to do more than exist. Find your life’s purpose. Heal your trauma. It is inspirational and worth reading and getting inspired to follow Corrie Thorne. You will be happy you met her!

– Rhonda Croteau


This book is magical and real all in one! A raw healing journey of her own helps us all live a life of more than existing!

– Krista Bellefeuille


From the darkness, Corrie walks daring to question her human conditioning and willing to risk it all in pursuit of the light that draws her to her personal truth. A journey of compassion, forgiveness, and enlightenment. Forever changing and evolving as she finds a voice of love rather than pain. It’s a journey of a women will balls enough to step into her light inviting us to walk beside her one step at a time. Do we dare to be so courageous to step forward into our own beautiful light?

– Julie VanCaeseele